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Условия аренды 

Условия аренды

Rental Period : The shortest rental period is 24 hours. In case of delays in delivering the vehicle, Daily rental fee shall be requested in deliveries with delays more than 1 hours.

Car Rental Campany  : Dalaman-carhire.com

The Guarantee Company : Dalaman-carhire.com

CUSTOMER : The person who sign the rental agrement and accepting  the terms and conditions

Driver's License - Age Of Usage : It is necessary to be at least 23 years of age for the economical group vehicles,and the said requires a driver's license that is valid for 3 years.

Additional Driver :Drivers besides the lessee and those who are in conformity with the provisions of age usage shall only be authorized to drive the vehicle on condition that their valid driver's license and identity cards are registered to the agreement. Guarantee of the company shall be null and void in cases where it is determined that there is no other registry and the driver who has no registries has made the accident.

1-      The customer accepts (guarantees) to deliver back the car, to the same (station or place or office) which rented at the end of the time which registered in the agreement.

2 - All the Turkish Laws legal rights and responsibilities as from the car rented time upto the car delivery time belong to the customer.

3 -  All the terms and conditions which written and accepted in the agreement are valid the same exactly between the two sides and can't change without beeing a written agreement between them.

4 -  When the vehicle returned back by the customer, the customer nust sign a document delivery contract as mutually, otherwise the delivery processing will not be occured.

5 -  In the case of the extention of the car rental, if the customer doesn't make the payment in advance; the customer can't benefit from the use of the guarentee. So in case of any accident which will happen during this time, the customer must pay all the damage of the accident (car)

Payment Method :

1 - Rental price for the car  the guarentee be  valid, must be paid in cash or credit card.

2 - The drıver doesnt use deposit instead of rent.

Payment  Deposit :

1 - All valid credit cards are accepted or cash deposite.

2 - The deposits which have given by the customer never accepted or used as the rent price or payment.

Vehicle is under the guarantee of the company.

Corporate ( Antalya Rent A Cars ) guarantee to be valid;

1 -The driver must not be driven registered to Antalya Rent A Cars Agreement

2 -Being in conformity with any and all traffic laws and rules,

3 - Not being rough used and full defect % 100,

4 - The vehicle not being driven with alcohol and under the affect of other drugs,

5 -  The vehicle must be driven within the legal speed limits,

6 - The alcohol and traffic reports must be received at the place of the accident (by not   moving the vehicle from its place) and the said reports must be delivered to FİLO within 48   hours the latest,

 In which case the guarantee is not valid;

A - Not been respected in the above substances to be completely

B - The driver does not fit any of the above substances,insurance does not apply. driver agrees to pay the    cost of all damages and shall pay daily to remain in service

C - If the drıver doesnt prepare a report or reports are missing during the accident , driver  agrees to pay the cost of all damages and shall pay daily to remain in service.
- If the customer goes to leave the key or car without the knowledge of staff. All the responsibility lies with the customer.The customer agrees to pay all kinds of misbehavior that occurred in the car.

E  -  If the extension is requested, the customer must pay the cost of the extension.

F - when the customer didn’t pay rent price.

G - Get bad,cheep and wrong fuel.

H - Cases of non-compliance with traffic rules




The vehicle must  not be driven by the persons who do not have a driving license.

Moreover, giving fraudulent representations to filo representatives, authorized traffic teams, and local police force and driving the vehicle on the streets that are closed to traffic end prohibited to drive, and also the situation of diriving the vehicle with excess load and passenger shall automatically result with cancellation of the insurance.

Driver is supposed to inform the Dalaman-carhire.com about the accident immediatley if he/she is not in a hindering condition proven by doctor report. Driver shall not interfere with the vehicle until the accident report is drawn up no matter  what the circumstances are. Dalaman-carhire.com reserves to right demand his / her loss from the driver in the proportion of the drivers fault. In addition, as damages occurring when portable equipment and spare parts such as teh radio, spare tyre, set of tools etc. Are stolen from the vehicle are out of insurance coverage. Driver is responsible for such damages.

The damages that may arise due to usage,damages of interior and exterior accessories such as; sliding tape; the license found in the vehicle, traffic set, and number plate shall not be accepted under the scope of the insurance. the accident reports must be delivered to Dalaman-carhire.com offices within 48 hours.

The vehicles belonging to the lessor, have been secured with Turkish laws in force and obligatory and optional insurances in the frame of the insurance regulation.The comprehensive Liability and Property Damage Insurance (indemnity) that does not oblige the customer to pay any additional premium and the therapy expense of the third persons involved in the accident expect for thedriver, driving the Dalaman-carhire.com vehicle and material damages, death and disabitiliy expenses shall all be covered pursuant to the limits designated by the law.

The Lessor shall be liable to pay any and all kinds of expenses incurred by the injury of third persons due to an accident that he/she was driving and also the damages exceeding the limits even if they are late recoursed.Moreover,the moral requirements of the persons that are involved in the said accident or their relatives shall also be covered by the Lessor.

Except fort he compulsory the guarentee . Dalaman-carhire.com is putting the herein below stated the guarentees in to the service of our customers optionally. On condition that the Lessor pays on the front page

of the agreement, he/she may benefit from the guarantees stated in this section.

IMPORTANT NOTE : In case of an accident of the customer; only the amount which is specified on the limits of the traffic insurance will be paid to the opponent. In case of the financial demaund of the opponent,who is injured to the accident,assessing money which is over the traffic insurance limits,the customer (the driver) undertakes the payment.
Theft Guarantee  (TP)

The customer (the customer is liable ) should bring us to the car's license,key and police report.

Theft guarentee (TP) is liable theft  the guarentee (TP) is liable if the vehicle is found within 30 days to pay the amount till that day and if the vehicle is not found within 30 days to pay the amount of 30 days of rental.

The price Included

The prices include the unlimited kilometer driving right,

CDW (Collission Damage Waiver with excess).

The Price Not Included

Tires,windscreen, headlighters,beyb seat,navigation,fuel,snow chain,Trafic ticket ,get bad fuel,delivery and collection charge,otopark fees and etc. other extras.


Traffic Tickets

Any and all traffic tickets and legal liabilities arising out of the defect of lessee shall be under

the responsibility of the lessee. The traffic tickets that are delivered to Dalaman-carhire.com  following the delivery of the car shall be reflected to the lessee, and the concerned price shall be collected from the lessee in cash or by credit card (mail order) payment. Moreover, in case official or legal authorities hold the vehicle for any reason, this period of time shall be included in the time period of the agreement.

Customer, accept to pay ; daily rent ,Fuel and fuel service charge completion, all of damage ( When the guarentee is not valid ) , daily to remain in service,Traffic tickets and pay the service fee,extension fee and other extras  with their own credit card through mail order

important note : In case of dispute;Turkey of law and the Courts applies


I read all the terms and conditions, I have accept all of them.